Speaker: Multiple Speakers Jan 10, 2016 - Feb 7, 2016

What do you pray when you pray for our church? God has chosen to display his glory through a group of people called the church. The way we display his glory is by making disciples that declare the praises and live as he designed us to live. Through the framework of our discipleship process, we will be praying for all the church is as we chase after whom we can become. Pastoral Prayers

Speaker: Brandon Lemois Jan 10, 2016

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Central to worshipping Jesus is the understanding that we are the creation and not the creator.  With this order come desires that are not part of God’s plan.  In order to shift the order of our hearts, Jesus has to confront us with difficult truths about ourselves so he can embrace who he originally creates us to be.  When we exchange our desires for Christ’s we are lead into our deepest joy and God’s greatest glory.

Speaker: Brandon Lemois Jan 17, 2016

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It is impossible to follow Jesus without being fully known by other people.  In fact, there are large parts of the New Testament that can’ t be followed unless you are in a community of people helping you follow Jesus.  These relationships are based on the gospel and not our personal backgrounds.Because of this, we pray that these friends would allow us to feel safe and lean in during times of struggle.

Speaker: Brandon Lemois Jan 24, 2016

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As Jesus shapes us to worship him and live in healthy relationships, we begin to believe deep down in our bones that everyone is better off if they have a Christ Centered life.  We engage in this belief by chasing after one life at a time and making much of our own one life.  Being thankful that God didn’t move away from us in our darkness butpursued us, we movetowards the darkness and brokenness to see the same resurrection take place.

Speaker: Brandon Lemois Jan 31, 2016

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Our Church has been given everything it needs to move to the next stage.  The question isare we going to bury what we have been given or get to work.  Are we going to be intimated or are we going to believe what God said was possible?

Speaker: Frank Lucas Feb 7, 2016

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Resentment leads to disobedience and creates a distorted view of self and others, however, that resentment will never be greater than God's grace.  Will we allow our resentment to overshadow the calling we have to embody God's love and message?  Or will we pursue God's plan for our lives - even when it hurts?

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