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When God created the world, He created it good.  However it didn’t take long before humans got confused about the order of creation and began thinking they could be their own Gods. The moment Adam and Eve ate from the tree God had set aside from them, it created a brokenness and separation from God that we know of as sin. Sin broke everything about creation, including our relationship with God.  

In order to restore this, God sent Jesus to the world to live a perfect life free from sin. The only way Jesus could restore creation and our relationship with God was through living the perfect life we couldn’t live, dying a death we should have died, and resurrecting in order to create a new life.

We interact with this every day. The scriptures teach that we were created in God’s image. So every day there is a longing and a pulse for God’s way of life, we just have not learned to call it God yet. Every day we feel the pains of creating ourselves in our image, isolation from others, and a desire to get all we can from the world in order to help us fix ourselves.

We can’t fix anything. Jesus is the only one who can.

By grace and through faith in this story, we are a people who are created new by Jesus.   We believe Jesus is our:

Living Savior
Living an earthly life free of sin, He died on the cross to atone for the sin of man. Jesus is actively drawing people to Himself through a offer a life that is at true rest by being forgiven and released from the angst of our sin and separation from God.

We pursue and seek God intentionally as we exchange our desires for ourselves and the world for his desires for ourselves and the world. When we believe, He begins a process that literally changes our lives, making us more and more like Him. He is not just our Judge but our Father who is constantly pursuing us to walk with Him.

Jesus is and always has been God. According to the Bible, He was with God and was God before the earth was even created. Jesus is fully man and fully God and truly atoned for sin by bearing the weight of humanity as God, yet is a God who understands our trials and challenges and is able to sustain us through them. 

Learn More
If you don’t know Jesus, a great place to start would be the Bible and we suggest the first four books in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These four books, known as The Gospels, are the main collections of the stories and teachings of Jesus.


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